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Wednesday 8/20/14 – We are back this week to give you the latest developments on the Ferguson shooting, rioting, looting, investigations, grand jury hearing, leftist politicalization, and on and on. We will be discussing this all night, so call in if you like. 347-677-1835

Martin Baker joins us to give us his perspective on the politics of racism, and Bill Hennessy, of STL TeaParty, organizes a buycott to help Ferguson business.

Believe it or not, there is other news going on, as well. We will touch on as much as 2 hours will allow. The beheading in the Middle East, and Rick Perry’s indictment? Join the conversation.

Join us, Me and Cindy Mcgee, at 7PM/CST to get the latest on Ferguson.

Wednesday 8/13/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast

Wednesday 7/30/14 –  Missouri has some important ballot initiatives on the August 5th ballot and most are Yankee Doodle legislation. Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 7/16/14 show and get the info for election day.

Wednesday 7/23/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 8/7/13 show.

Wednesday 7/16/14 – Tonight we discuss the ballot initiatives on the August 15 ballot in Missouri. If you don’t live in Missouri, you may want to hear this too. John Dollarhite talks the controversial Right to Farm Bill and Tom Martz of the Locke and Smith Foundation gives his analysis of the August 5th ballot. It’s uncanny how these things surface in other states. Are they conspiring to chip away at your liberty, a state at a time? Also, we get another update on the Lagares case and info on how you can help bring some justice to a situation that needs some sunllight shown on the issue. Join us at 7PM/CST.

Wednesday 7/9/14 – We get a Lagares case update and Dr. Duane Weed gives us some great prepping tips on food storage. Join us for the discussion.

Wednesday 7/2/14 – You’ve heard me talk about it before and we’re gonna talk about it again. There is a reason we ELECT our sheriffs and don’t appoint them. St. Charles County, Missouri is the poster child for how you can lose your liberty by being disengaged and uninformed. So, tune in and hear how a group of patriots is fighting to regain thier, and your, RIGHTS to ELECT the SHERIFF. This can happen in your county/state too, so don’t think you are immune to the liberty power grab from local politicians.

Paul Ellison is with us again, to bring us up to date on yet another disgraceful case of government overreach that resulted in child abuse, by the government.

Duane Weed gives us another great segment loaded with prepping tips.

Cindy McGee joins me to catch you up on the latest in current events, and it has been a busy week, folks, so tune in, or listen to the podcast at your convenience, but do listen.

Wednesday 6/25/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 1/30/14 show.

Wednesday 6/18/14 – Cindy McGee sits in for me this week while I am away. She interview’s Gretchen Logue from Missouri Education Watchdog and they talk this session’s HB1490 and Common Core in Missouri. Speaking of Common Core, listen to a great interview on what the DELPHI TECHNIQUE is and how it has and will play a part in continuing the Common Core atrocity. Join Cindy tonight and I will see you here again next week.

Wednesday 6/11/14 – Do you know when you are being “Yankee Doodled?” Is your legislator your “friend?” Do you fall for every conservatively worded speech, but never recognize when you have been hoodwinked, by your “friend,” after the legislative session ends? Tonight, Cindy McGee and I give a couple of examples of Yankee Doodle Legislation hoodwinking. The signs you should look for and what you can do about it. You don’t want to miss this one. This show will help you take control of the process and be a force to be reckoned with, as the Tea Party rises again.

Wednesday 6/4/14 – Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes, at the Bundy Ranch? Who were the people who descended upon the cattle ranch? Why did they go? Ryan Payne, Operation Mutual Aids ground commander, who oversaw the security operations on the Bundy Ranch talks about he experience and discusses the militia movement. Paul Ellison, of AmericanSpring2011, is back to give an update on the Lagares case. And Dr. Duane Weed talks prepping and health care. There is more to think about than just the collapse of the health system due to Obamacare. Don’t miss the show, this week.

Wednesday 5/28/14 – Tonight it’s all about the media! Mark Marshell, creator of “Remember The Sultana” is with us to tell all about this latest riveting story of Civil War political malfeasance. Learn how you can have a part in helping this project’s success. Also, join us as we meet Owen Shroyer. He’s the host of St. Louis’ 1380AM’s Talk from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. Tune in to hear how we can extend our network and spread conservative conversation across the media platforms and the region. Then tune into 1390AM after 9:00 p.m. and hear us continue the conversation there. Current events with Cindy McGee. Tune in at 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday 5/21/14 – Tonight Paul Ellison, of AmericanSpring2011, checks in with an update on the Lageres Case in Camden County. It seems there is some revealing evidence that foul play may be directing the powers that be. Tune in. Also a quick wrap up of why the Republican, Missouri Legislature let the folks down, AGAIN. Common Core, 2nd Amendment, Paper Ballot, and so much more. Tune in at 7PM/CST.

Wednesday 5/14/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast

Wednesday 5/7/14 – Missouri is just about to wrap up their legislative session. As usual, they are about to waste another yearly effort and accomplish little, if nothing, and waste unknown tax payer $$$$ in spinning yankee doodle, and what will free Missourians have to show for it? Tonight we discuss the many important issues that are about to swirl down the drain, and name some names, of those flushing your freedoms away with them. Dave Cort will be on to discuss the Nixon Impeachment effort, Frieda Keogh, of MOPPS, talks the Paper Ballot, and Rep Doug Funderburk talks The Second Amendment Preservation Act. Join us at 7PM/CST.

Wednesday 4/30/14 – Ryan Bundy checks in with us on latest developments at the ranch, racism, drone attacks, missing cattle, and more.

Oklahoma takes a huge step in the right direction toward reeling in out an of control judiciary. IMPEACHMENT of half of the supreme court! Oklahoma State Rep., Mike Christian, is with us to discuss the Impeachment Articles he filed in the Clayton Lockett/Charles Warner murder trial.

And while we all reflect on the Bundy case, and why it is imperative to have a Constitutional Sheriff in each county across the country, Marc Messmer gives an update on the Save Our Sheriff initiative in St.Charles County.

Join us at 7 p.m./cst. If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, listen to the podcast, at your convenience.

Wednesday 4/23/14 – Tonight, we continue the discussion on the Bundy Ranch invasion and Justina Pelletier with Chris Agee of Western Journalism and The Informed Conservative.

Common Core is a huge deal in the social engineering of our culture as well as a HUGE infringment on parental rights and privacy. Robin Eubanks joins us and discusses all things Common Core. You don’t want to miss this, folks.

Paul Ellison of AmericanSpring2011 has more on the investigation of child trafficking in Missouri Schools. These are things you need to look for in your own schools. Join us at 7:00 pm/cst.

If you can’t join us at 7:00 pm/cst, you can always enjoy the podcast later, at your convenience.

Wednesday 4/16/14 – It’s not about cattle, mineral mining, past due fees, turtles, or anything you have been hearing about over the last week. The rumors run rampant, but what is the truth? This week, Cliven Bundy is here to tell us the uncut story of what happened, is happening, will happen in Nevada, on the Bundy ranch.

There is another aspect of this great story. It’s about those who rose up, from all over the country to support, protect the Bundy’s, and protest against BLM and government oppression/overreach. Ryan Payne, of Operation Mutual Aid, tells us the details of this country’s citizen militia and how it worked to push back against the government who attacked the Bundy Ranch. Tune in and share the link with your friends.

Wednesday 4/9/14 – Tonight we talk more about what the government has done to your food, in terms of pumping it full of toxins and what it means for your health. Dr. Josephine Lee, of The Lee Institute of Health and Wellness, joins us to give us the straight scoop on how to recognize, manage and correct the health problems caused by toxins.

Paul Ellison joins us to give us an update on the atrocity and appalling events of administrative overreach and child trafficking and Camden County’s assault on a family there.

I’ll also bring you up to speed on some current events. Join us at 7pm/cst.

Wednesday 4/2/14 – Tonight Cindy McGee and I are joined by Patrick Werner, MO AFP, to discuss Right To Work. Cindy and I will also take up other important and timely topics such as the Common Core battle in Missouri, updates on the Justina Pelletier case, and asking the question, “Is the government poisoning us through our food supply?” Join us at 7PM/CST.

Wednesday 3/26/14 – Tonight we continue the discussion on the Justina Pellitier case and Duane Weed joins us to enlighten us on all things fiscal. What do we need to know, going forward, about the current state of affairs regarding our economy. Gold, silver, the Fed, inflation. We cover it all. Join us!

Wednesday 3/19/14 – We’re back this week with conversation on all the latest topics happening in the news. There are lots of things to talk about. Cindy will give us an update on the Justina Pellitier case, and we talk current events.

Wednesday 3/12/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 3/5/14 show.

Wednesday 3/5/14 – Tonight, Cindy McGee, and I talk current news, but not before we hear from William Estrada, from ParentalRightsDOTorg, with an update on the miraculous turn around on the Romeike family’s deportation status. What does this say about parental rights and homeschooling. Also, we are talking to Lee Stranahan, (Brietbart) about why you may not want to contribute to Tea Party organizations. That’s right! Ask them to Show-You-The-Money! It isn’t going where you think it is going. Emmanuel Goldstein, co-founder of the The Patriot Nation, has some news about social media/networks, American Spring and idle ramblings. Join us!

Wednesday 2/26/14 – Last week we promised you a great lineup, but unfortunately the show was suspended due to website hackers. But we are back this week with Duane Weed and Oath Keeper’s plan to engage patriots for the future. Also, the dark underbelly of government, of which we have all been unaware, has been quietly dismantling the family and parental rights, all under the cover of darkness. While we have all been focused on the executive and legislative branches, the judicial branch has left common sense and the constitution behind as it strips away our foundational family culture. We discuss the Justina Pellitier case, and Paul Ellison (American Spring) is here to outline how such a case of child trafficking in Missouri schools is playing out in our home state.

Wednesday 2/19/14 – Tonight we talk about how the culture has eroded and how that has subsequently eroded our freedoms. We also talk about what you can do about it. Dr Duane Weed joins me, and Cindy McGee, and gives us an outline of Oath Keepers and their plan to pull folks together in order to pull things back into line, Constitutionally. Have you heard about Justina Pelllitier? You don’t want to miss this. While we have all been busy watching the Executive and Legislative branches destroy American culture, the Judicial branch has been dismantling family values/prerogatives/authority. Join us for the discussion. 347-677-1835

Wednesday 2/12/14 – The main stream media doesn’t cover it, but it’s happening. The militarization of our state and local police departments is absolutely frightening. We have some guests on tonight to give us the full scope of what is really going on, in our state and across the country, and how it affects you. Cindy McGee will be with me to talk current issues, as well. Feel free to join in the conversation. 347-677-1835

Wednesday 2/5/14 – With all the debate about Article V, we have the common sense reality as to why YOU DON’T NEED IT! Tune in to hear Joe Wolverton of the New American tell us, in common sense terms, how to maintain our liberty and protect the Constitution. Also, did you know that the St. Louis region is a hotbed of nuclear waste? There is some big information being uncovered about the West Lake Landfill, Coldwater Creek and the underground fire burning near by, and we have some folks on with us to clue us in on what’s being done to address it, … or not. You won’t want to miss this show.

Wednesday 1/29/14 –  Well, if it wasn’t official before, it is now. The GOP has declared war on the Tea Party, and Dr Randy Tobler, of KFTK’s 97.1 FM talk is here to give his take on Rep. Congressman, Blaine Leutkemeyer’s latest comments against Heritage Action, Freedomworks, and more. What was he thinking? Also, We have a Common Sense look at Common Core. Robin Eubanks will give us some education on the ills of CCSS and some direction on how to battle it. Read her latest book, “Credentialed to Destroy; How and Why Education Became a Weapon.” Join us at 7pm/cst.

Wednesday 1/22/14 – Does it bother you that Obama thinks he can usurp the checks and balances by executive order? It bothers us. We talk about what kind of culture DOESN’T rise up when their commander in chief so boldly expresses disregard for the Constitution. The left has a formula for turning Red states, Blue. Duane Lester, of the Missouri Torch, shines light on the secrets of the left. And finally, we have a story of a very brave farmer who stood up to the Feds when they went after his farming operation. Mark Baker tells his story of Bakers Green Acres, and his fight against the state of Michigan. Learn how you can help.

Wednesday 1/15/14 – After a radio hiatus, WE’RE BACK. Cindy McGee joins me as Missouri Grassroots Radio begins another year with Culture Vigilante. Lots to discuss and we start with the marijuana legalization debate. Bill Hennessy, of the St. Louis Tea Party, advocates for it. Frieda Keogh, of Missouri Precinct Project, reintroduces her organization and updates us on the issues. Common Core, UN Watershed issues, Right to Work, and more. William Estrada of gives us an update on the German homeschooling family, the Wunderlichs, and what it means for educational freedom in the states. Tom Martz, of the Locke & Smith Foundation, reports on the yearly Locke & Smith awards and the Consent of the Governed Rally, in Jefferson City. Join us, and call in. 347-677-1835

Wednesday 1/8/14 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 10/30/13 show.

Wednesday 12/18/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast

Wednesday 12/11/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 5/8/13 show

Wednesday 12/4/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 7/24/13 show

Wednesday 11/27/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 11/28/12 show

Wednesday 11/20/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 7/3/13 show

Wednesday 11/13/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 1/30/13 show

Wednesday 11/6/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 2/13/13 show.

Wednesday 10/30/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 11/21/12 show.

Wednesday 10/24/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 7/17/13 show.

Wednesday 10/6/13 – Enjoy this rebroadcast of the 8/28/13 show.

Wednesday 10/9/13 – Have you signed up for your Obamacare yet? Do you know anyone who has signed up? How are their rates? Sticker shock? Well, we are gonna talk to Robyn Hamlin, an independent insurance broker about the exchanges, and their realities. Paster Danny Holiday, of the Victory Baptist Church, in Alton Illinois, is trying to get folks to realize that social issues don’t belong in government, especially as they relate to gay marriage. Meet Alex Cohen! He’s young. He’s intelligent, and he “gets it” as it relates to the “Left” and the “Right” and Obamacare. Tune in to listen to a young person’s perspective.

Wednesday 10/2/13 – Why is the Republican Party killing itself off? Listen in tonight and we will discuss the myriad of bad choices that are causing the extinction of the party of the pachyderm. Tonight, Duane Lester weighs in on last weekend’s CPAC, Blunt and the CR to defund, and why he thinks Missouri is turning blue. And it’s not because she is holding her breath. Bob McCarty will be here to discuss “The Clapper Memo” and define “Green on Blue” attacks. There is an effort to oust Senator Roy Blunt. Find out why and how to get involved.

Wednesday 9/25/13  – Lots to talk about this week. Obamacare is one week away from descending upon the country like a herd of locusts. Patrick Werner, of Americans for Prosperity, talks strategy for supporting the defund. Tony Kirk has news from the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the Conservative Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). Dr. Duane Weed, of the New Survivalist, is here to give us a preparedness plan. Jennifer Kelly is planning a fun event in St. Louis County and The Informed Conservative, Chris Agee discusses the Kenyan Mall massacre.

Wednesday 9/18/13 – This week we rehash the events of last week’s veto session in Missouri. Lots of national headlines came out of the Republican fumbles. Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, talks HB436 and other top headlines related to 2A. Phillip Michaels is back with us to discuss the Paper Ballot issue and Tom Martz, of the Locke & Smith Foundation talks veto session legislation and Yankee Doodle Legislation, too. We also take a look at what might we see next session?

Wednesday 9/11/13 – In observance of the 9/11 tragedies we talk to Marinka Peschmann about Benghazi. Usama Dakdok also joins us and talks Syria, John McCain’s love affair with Al Qaeda, and what Egyptian media says about Obama. We also cover the veto session, and medicaid expansion with Duane Lester, of the Missouri Torch. And, you meet the nicest people on Twitter. Tune in to find out what a patriot, Peter Robyn of HistoryStrips, from SC is doing to help our youth learn about the value of our Constitution.

Wednesday 9/4/13 – More talk with Duane Lester, of The Missouri Torch, on the Department of Revenue and how they are selling you out, literally. Frieda and Judy, of Missouri Precinct Project are back with more updates and action items. And again we address why protecting homeschooling around the world protects your educational freedom at home. Michael Donnelly, of HSLDA, joins us to updates us on the Wunderlich family and their homeschooling fight. Join us!!

Wednesday 8/28/13 – Tonight we check in with the gentlemen who were arrested on a St. Charles County overpass, while protesting against the Obama administration. Duane Weed and Marc Messmer tell their story of being held, without being charged by the state patrol, and their plans for the future. Duane Lester, of the Missouri Torch, joins us with updates on the DOR/Privacy hearings and other Missouri news. Bob Parker, from southwest Missouri gives his perspective on the DoR scandal and the scandal of non-consequence. Susanne will be with us to talk about the American Patriot Coalition.

Wednesday 8/21/13 – As we near the end of August, and school is back in session, we present a full line up of guests, this week. Remember the farming family, in Michigan, whose Attorney General filed charges against their pig farming operation? Mark Baker is back to give us an update on the fight against Michigan government’s oppression. Missouri Precinct Project has a full list of events and actions, and they are here to tell us about them, tonight. Emmanuel Goldstien joins us to fill us in on the Facebook ban of The Patriot Nation. Chris Agee, of the Informed Conservative, joins us as well as Jill Johnson with an update on and the UNCRPD.

Wednesday 8/14/13 – Heritage Action is on top of the fight to de-fund Obamacare. Ben Evans will be with us to tell us the latest developments on holding wabbling and unsteady feet to the fire. Dawn Chapman is back with us to give information on West Lake Landfill water data and to answer the burning question: Are the politicians listening?

Wednesday 8/7/13 – Media, and its associates, are responsible for delivering information to you, and me, in a “factual” manner. Liberal vs. Conservative determines how it is delivered. Larry Conners joins us as well as Duane Lester of the Missouri Torch to discuss the latest issues. Pastor Danny Holiday has a great event you don’t want to miss. It’s time to bridge the racial divide broadened by the Obama administration. Dawn Chapman is back with us again, and has more information on the West Lake Landfill.

Wednesday 7/31/13 – This week, it’s more about the fight against Common Core. Shane Vander Hart of, Truth In American Education, Caffeinated Thoughts and more, will be here to talk about the event he will be at, in the St Louis Area, where he educates the folks on Common Core.

Have you heard about the West Lake Landfill? It’s a HOT topic on more than one level. For the next several weeks, we will explore why this issue is a huge danger to the people of the St. Louis area and beyond.

Wednesday 7/24/13 – The Free Market Warrior, Loren Spivack, is coming back to Missouri! Tune in to hear about why free market principles are important to a free society and how you can see Loren, in Missouri.

In the last election, St. Charles County lost the right to elect their own sheriff. Join us to find out how you can help to turn that bad decision around. The Save Our Sheriff initiative is alive and well.

The Politichicks are with us and they have a list of the hottest conservative men in the nation. Tune in to hear about what else they are doing to help engage the culture in fighting for freedom, and your Constitutional Rights.

Tom Martz, of the Locke & Smith Foundation, is here to talk more Yankee Doodle Legislation.

Don’t miss it!

Wednesday 7/17/13 – Tonight we are back with a fill lineup. Marinka Peschmann is back with us. She has helpful info for those of you who have been targeted by the justice system, and for those of you who don’t understand how this branch of government is undermining your rights, you need to listen to this.

It’s BACK! The Blueway didn’t really go away. Ike Skelton is here to give you info on Federal Government funny business and how to fight it.

Usama Dakdok is here to give his unique insights on the Egyptian government overthrow, and more.

Don’t forget about Common Core! Gretchen Logue, of Missouri Education Watchdog, gives us information on how you can continue to fight this atrocity while legislators are out of session. Don’t Miss It!

Wednesday 7/10/13 – If you missed our Independence Day show, you are in luck. We replay that great show for you here. Tune in next week because we have a great line up for you. We also catch you up on some current events of political interest.

Wednesday 7/3/13 – Tomorrow is Independence Day and we take time out to remember why we celebrate on July 4th. Bill Federer joins us and gives us a rundown of historical events that led to our independence. Emmanual Goldstien of The Patriot Nation has a great organization and information on how patriots across the nation can get involved to make a difference in fighting tyranny. Governor Nixon signed the bill, but will that keep the Dept. of Revenue from sharing your private information with the Dept. of Homeland Security? We will discuss it. Join us!

Wednesday 6/26/13 – There is one more week to get the word out on the massively egregious White River Watershed National Blueway. Caroline Mueller has been on this issue since it was first uncovered and will be with us to give us an update. MIssouri’s Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder, will join us to discuss the MO Department of Revenue scandal and updates from today’s hearings and Blueway pushback as well. Join us  and tell your friends.

Wednesday 6/19/13 – Your rights as an American citizen. That’s what tonight’s show is all about. We start with discussion on the White River Watershed National Blueway. Jeannie Burlsworth of Secure Arkansas gives us an education on this federal land grab in Missouri and Arkansas. Ike Skelton joins us to give us an update on how the fight is going in Missouri. Operation Mutual Aid wants you to know there are people from all over America willing to call up the militia to protect the rights that have been abused and oppressed by ever growing government overreach. Ryan Payne joins us to educate us on what “militia” is under the Constitution.

Wednesday 6/12/13 – A lot of people are looking ahead to the next election cycle and are thinking 3rd party. Join us as we talk to Robby Wells. He’s a constitutional conservative running and is an independent. Patrick Werner of Amaericans for Prosperity gives the legislative session a grade. Tune in to see if they passed or failed. Jim Fisher, a Missouri resident/farmer/land owner talks consequences of Agenda 21′s National Blueway. Tom Martz joins us to talk Yankee Doodle Legislation and a legislative wrap up.

Wednesday 6/5/13 – Big Trouble Brewing in Missouri and Arkansas. Agenda 21 in the form of the White River Watershed National Blueway. Ike Skelton and Doreen Hannes are on to give us the details and provide an ACTION ITEM LIST for YOU. Jill Johnson updates us on UNCRPD and more action items for you to stop this thing, in its tracks! Cindy McGee and I discuss other current events. Join us!

Wednesday 5/29/13 – Packed line up tonight! Chief of Police, Tony Kirk, rejoins us to give us a rundown of the happenings at this weekend’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in St. Charles County. Jack Abrahamson, of Secure Arkansas, joins us to fill us in on the dirty details of White River Watershed National Blueway, which is another way of saying Agenda 21 Land Grab, and what that means for Missourians. Remember Benghazi? Marinka Peschmann and Bill Federer each join us to fill us in on Benghazi details, and Tom Martz joins us to discuss a little Yankee Doodle Legislation, after the session wrap-up.

Wednesday /22/13 – Sheriff Richard Mack and Tony Kirk join us to fill us in on the events in St. Charles County as they host the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officer’s Association convention. Tom DeWeese and Michael Coffman will be on to give us a rundown on their appearances here as well. Ray Cunio updates us on Agenda 21 legislation that passed this session.

This show is packed with Conservative Rock Star guests, who are experts in their fields, and they will be in Missouri soon, so tune in to get the details on how you can be a part of this great event.

Wednesday 5/15/13 – Cindy McGee fills in while I am speaking to Meramec Township, but we have a full lineup for you, this week.

Patrick Werner of MO AFP, checks in on the end of the legislative session and last minute legislation. William Estrada of Parental Rights dot org and HSLDA updates us on the 6th circuit’s decision to deny sanctuary to the Romeike family, and what this means to US citizens and educational choice. Gretchen Logue, of Missouri Education Watchdog,  spent the Monday at the Capitol advocating for SB210 and has the scoop on developments there. John Thrower, of the Family Vision Library, introduces us to all the benefits and services they offer you.

Wednesday 5/8/13 – This week, we look ahead to the end of the legislative session! YAY!!!. We may take a look at some Yankee Doodle Legislation.

Bob McCarty, author of Three Days In August,  will be on to tell us about his new book, The Clapper Memo. Pick it up; it’s a page turner.

Everybody is hot under the collar over Common Core and last week DESE had the opportunity to address angry taxpaying citizens and allay their fears, but instead they decided to give them all a lesson in The Delphi Technique. Gotta love the value of a good education. We have a panel of guests from those meetings, conducted around the state, to report on what happened.

Cindy McGee sits in and we discuss the week’s current events. Join Us!

Wednesday 5/1/13 – Cindy McGee of Show Me Patriots sits in as we talk Dept of Revenue scandals, Boston bombing and Islam, and more action on Common Core.

Tonight: Karin Piper, of Parent Led Reform, and Shane Vander Hart, of Truth in American Education, are here to talk Common Core and the upcoming Twitter War, scheduled for tomorrow!

Usama Dakdok, of The Straight Way Ministry, tells it like it REALLY is, regarding the Boston Bombing and Islam.

Bob Parker joins us to give us an update on the Dept of Revenue scandal and efforts to help bring justice to Missourians who have had their privacy violated. Don’t Miss It!

Wednesday 4/24/13 – It’s a re-do. Sorry about last week’s techincal difficulties. We are gonna try it again with the same line up. Please join us and learn about how Common Core is ruining education, taking away your parental rights, educational choice, tenth amendment freedoms.

It’s an all Common Core State Standards Show. How is Common Core affecting your parental rights, privacy, ability to make educational choices, your taxes, influencing your legislators, changing America as we know it? Tune in and get the information you need to know about this egregious initiative.

Dr. Brian Ray, of The National Home Education Research Institute, talks homeschooling and Common Core. William Estrada of HSLDA/ discusses Common Core and Data Mining. Gretchen Logue and Anne Gassel of Missouri Education Watchdog and MOAgainstCommonCore are here to tell us about current legislation and other research regarding this important issue.

Wednesday 4/10/13 – Did your county pass a tax last week? Patrick Werner, of Americans for Prosperity, talks taxes and AFP’s Municipal Tax Project. John and Judy Dollarhite have written a book about rabbits and their experience with government overreach. Judy tells all tonight. Laura Hausladen and Philip Michaels update us on the Paper Ballot bill in the MO legislature. Did you do your homework, last week? Bring along one more person to listen tonight so they can get the real info about what is going on in government.

Wednesday 4/3/13 – Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots sits in this week. William Estrada of Parental Rights dot org gives us an update on the Romeike family and how their fight to protect their educational choice affects you. Alan Levy, of Citizen Legislator Inc, gives us the details on how to get organized to promote a constitutional amendment to introduce term limits for D.C. legislators. Your homework for the week as a Culture Vigilante: Bring one person, outside of the Patriot Bubble, inside the Patriot Bubble. Listen to find out more.

Wednesday 3/27/13 – Tonight at 7PM CST: Dr. Gina Loudon talks “Wife Swap”, the culture wars and conservative values. John Lilly, of Locke and Smith talks HB631. This bill regulates how (or not) to employ/evaluate teachers. Molly Nesham, State Director of Citizen Legislator introduces this organization and its mission to bring a Constitutional Amendment to bring term limits to federal politicians. Cindy Chafian, of the Mommy Lobby, exposes an over exposed teen population to Victoria’s Secret. Tom Martz is here with more Yankee Doodle Legislation Alerts. Cindy McGee sits in and helps us all make sense of this. See you tonight!

Wednesday 3/20/13 – It’s spring break! But we will be here talking legislation updates, upcoming tax initiatives and general governmental overreach. Kurt Bahr updates his HB616/Common Core State Standards and HB513/Parental Rights bill. Gary Wiegert talks Prop P in St. Louis, the ARCH Tax. Cindy McGee sits in and gives a Show Me Patriots perspective. Join us at 7PM CST.

Wednesday 3/13/13 – More info on RTW from Vincent Vernuccio of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He gives us a rundown on Michigan’s fight to become a RTW state. Patrick Werner of Amercians for Prosperity talks tax initiatives in Missouri, LOTS of tax initiatives. Cynthia Davis joins us and gives us highlights from her MGC show, HomeFront! A Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert with Tom Martz from the Locke and Smith Foundation. And finally, we play the interview from the Free Market Warrior, Loren Spivek, that didn’t get heard in last week’s show! Tune in at 7:00 PM CST.

Wednesday 3/6/13 – How is the DOR encroaching on your liberties? Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder is with us to tell us why he filed a lawsuit that will help to fight the gun control issue in Missouri. Claire’s bad manners leaves constituents out in the cold, literally. Rachel Payton, of Americans for Prosperity, reports. China Hub rears its ugly head. Patrick Ishmael, of the Show Me Institute, explains the tax credit monster that just won’t leave Missouri alone. Loran Spivack, the Free Market Warrior, gives us lesson in free markets and economics. The future and salvation of our nation may be with its youth. Alex updates us on his quest to spread conservative values to the younger generation. Family Game Night? Robert Snizek has a great new twist on how to spread civics/liberty/the constitution to the culture and enjoy family time too.

Wednesday 2/26/13 – Missouri is under attack by money grubbing/liberty stealing government on so many levels!!! Americans for Prosperity has a “list” of all the tax increases, on the ballot in April. Patrick Werner gives us a rundown of the money grabs in MO Counties and what you can do to fight back. Speaking of Tax INCREASES, Gary Wiegert is on to talk about the ARCH Tax and how it affects YOU! Ben Evans, of Heritage Action, talks the most recent state wide scandal coming from ESTABLISHMENT GOP, and updates fromHeritageAction. Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert from Tom Martz of the Locke and Smith Foundation. Cindy McGee of Show Me Patriots sits in too!

Wednesday 2/20/13 – William Estrada, of, will be with us to help us understand some Parental Rights legislation, HB513, currently moving through the legislature. We are gonna talk to Mark Mix, of, and clarify the need, or not, for the current RTW legislative push. Former Missouri State Rep/Senator, John Loudon, will give us some insight on the RTW fight and what pushback we can expect from the Unions. You just know that women and MOMS are gonna be the pivotal influence in turning the country around. Cindy Chafian, of The Mommy Lobby, will be here to talk on this patriot group’s contribution to the conservative voice. Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots, talks preparedness tips, and more.

Wednesday 2/13/13 – Bill Federer gave us another amazing and inspiring look at history and some insights into his new book. Tom Martz, of the Locke and Smith Foundation, was here to alert us on Yankee Doodle Legislation, and to tell us why that included Right To Work. Ray Cunio outlined NGO’s and how they work, in your community, to bring you Agenda 21. Thanks to Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots, for sitting in and brining a true patriot’s perspective to the issues of the day.

Wednesday 2/6/12 – Jill Johnson, of the Missouri Chapter of, checks in with a legislative update. Author, Chris Agee, tells us about his book, The Informed Conservative’s Guide to the Lunatic Left. Patrick Werner, of Americans for Prosperity, keeps us current on Right To Work legislation and what happened, today, in committee hearings. And you knew it was gonna be bad, but you HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD. OBAMACARE! Dave McArthur, of McArthur’s Bakery in St. Louis, gives his small business owner’s  perspective of how it affects “the little guy”, and Vince Blair, an insurance professional of the Vincent K. Blair Agency, sheds light on some of the facts and figures just now coming out, and how that will touch every American. Shocking!

Wednesday 1/30/13  – Steve Marx of the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance talks gun control issues. Patrick Werner, of Americans for Prosperity, is here to tell us about Right to Work Wednesday and AFP’s fight to make Missouri a RTW state.

Wednesday 1/23/13 – It’s all about Agenda 21. All roads lead there. Tom DeWeese, from the American Policy Center, talks strategy for fighting the beast. Dan Sexson, from the John Birch Society, also brings ideas to attack Agenda 21. Gretchen Logue and Anne Gassle, from Missouri Education Watchdog round out the discussion with updates on education reform and how it relates to agenda 21, or not.

Wednesday 1/16/13 – Mason Weaver joins us and gives us his views on tribalism and just what it is that conservatives need to be the driving influence, today, in America. Steve Marx of the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance talks gun control and the 19 executive orders coming from the Treasoner-in-Chief. Liz Trent of Spirit of Resistance and Reject Dawah reminds us we don’t have to drink the kool-aid or accept the propaganda that is killing the culture of America. David Workman talks about his new book: Absolute Authority. Join us and call in to join the conversation! 347-677-1835

Wednesday 1/9/13 – Michael Rhoades of Hapkido-USA Inc. talks about true conservative personal responsibility and self defense. Newly elected MO Republican Party Chair, Ed Martin, checks in, and Ron Calzone, of Missouri First, gives us an update on the Consent of the Governed Rally in Jefferson City. Author, Randy Noble, tells us about his new book, The Rose of Noruz and Tom Martz, of the Locke and Smith Foundation, gives us a preview of this session’s Yankee Doodle Legislation.

Wednesday 1/2/13 – Happy New Year! We had a great year with some great guests on Missouri Grassroots Radio. We vetted candidates, informed you about the hot issues in Missouri, defined Yankee Doodle Legislation, spot lit some patriot groups, talked education and government overreach and offered information about the UN power grab and Muslim invasion of American culture.

This week, we take a look back at 2012. Author – Bob McCarty, Missouri Precinct Project, Usama Dakdok, Will Estrada of, and Dr. Brian Ray of National Home Education Research Institute.

Wednesday 12/26 – Welcome to our Post – Christmas Show. Bill Federer, Bill Phelps of Missouri Fair Tax and Ken Boehm of the National Policy Center talks about Claire and “interesting” personal financial deals made by her husband’s business, and connections to your tax dollars. Have one more cup of egg nog and sit back and enjoy the show!

Wednesday 12/19 – It’s all about education and how government controlled education shapes the culture. Ray Cunio talks about how Agenda 21 has crept into your child’s classroom. The ladies from Missouri Education Watchdog, Grethen Logue and Anne Gassel, talk about Agenda 21/Common Core and how the left, and the right are now working to “reform” education, or not.

Wednesday 12/12 – Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots, co-hosts again! Author of “The Whistleblower” and “Following Orders”, Marinka Peschmann, gives us a rundown of insider politics in D.C. and how it ties to Benghazi. Representative Lyle Roland of the 155th district talks about his Anti Agenda 21 Legislation, and Marcia Behr, citizen/patriot, tells us how Agenda 21 has invaded St. Charles County. Don’t Miss It!

Wednesday 12/5 – Tonight Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots, co-hosts. Bev Perlson, of TheBandOf Mothers, talks Benghazi and Obama Adiministration. Bill Federer talks about why he considers Benghazi another “Fast and Furious”. Ray Cunio identifies more Agenda 21 buzz words and connects some dots with the Wildlands Project.

Wednesday 11/28 – Darin Morley of gives us a rundown on the email scandal perpetuated by Lisa Jackson of the EPA. Bev Perslon of talks Benghazi and gun running. Liz Trent of SpiritOfResistance defines Medical Jihad and Ray Cunio helps us identify Agenda 21 buzz words you should watch for in your local government.

Wednesday 11/21 – It’s all about the UN, the culture of parental rights, educational freedoms and the plot to take them away. William Estrada of talks about the UNCRPD and the UNCRC and why you need to be engaged, and aware of these treaties. Dr. Brian Ray of NHERI outlines the culture of state schools and how they view their jurisdiction over your children. Does this extend to state lawmakers? Hmmm. Ray Cunio with more on Agenda 21 and the ever encroaching UN reach into our Constituional freedoms and your lives.

Wednesday 11/14 – A week after the election, the discussion turns to: “Where do we go from here?” Join us and let us know what you think the focus should be for the future of Missouri and the nation. 347-677-1835. Cindy McGee of Show Me Patriots joins the discussion. Does the answer depend on the youth of our nation? We will explore that aspect as well as get some post election feed back from Ray Cunio on how the Agenda 21 plan lines up with Obama’s vision for “fundamentally transforming America”.

Wednesday 11/7/12 – So, where do we go from here? Election recap and visions for the future. We will have numbers analysis too. Call in and share your grief, fear, vision for recovery. 347-677-1835 and Ray Cunio with more on Agenda 21’s Wildland’s Project.

Wednesday 10/31 – Gary Wiegert on why you should VOTE NO on PROP A. Ken Boehm of the National Legal and Policy Center gives us an indepth look at the business practices of Claire McCaskill’s husband that made millions for them from tax payer dollars. Lt. Governor Candidates Peter Kinder and Cynthia Davis check in one last time before election day. Ray Cunio talks Agenda 21 and the Wildlands Project. A final word on ballot issues across the state and voter guides.

Wednesday 10/24 – Sharpen your pencils and prepare for the MATH! Reboot Congress has breaking news on some McCaskill $henanigans. Lt.Governor, Peter Kinder joins us to give an update on the Obamacare fight and a campaign update. Ray Cunio with more on Agenda 21 and Terry Herring on why you should vote no on all the charter amendments in St. Charles County.

Wednesday 10/17 – Bev Perlson, a military mom, explains why Obama’s efforts to close Guantanamo Bay is a bad deal for us, across the country and in Missouri. Usama Dakdok on current events in the Middle East and Loran Maloney, of Commuter Patriots, talks Missouri’s Amendment 3 and why he thinks you should support it. Also an update on the Save our Sheriff Department Campaign in St. Charles County and discussion on why you should VOTE NO on all charter amendments there!

Wednesday 10/10 – MGC’s Kevin Harned (Hillbilly Logic) is running for office. Come hear how you can support him. Bill Thacker explains how Gulen Schools are being sold to you under Charter School-Educational Reform. Ray Cunio gives us an Agenda 21 update and the Save Our Sheriff Department Campaign heats up.

Wednesday 10/3 – Ed Martin checks in from the campaign trail. Ray Cunio continues to impart knowledge on Agenda 21. Save Our Sheriff Campaign action items and we talk on additional power grab ballot initiatives in St. Charles County.

Wednesday 9/26 – An update on the Akin campaign from Communications Director, Ryan Hite. Bill Federer on Islam and the middle east. Ray Cunio schools us on Agenda 21 and Culture Vigilante Action items on the Save our Sheriff Campaign in St. Charles County with Terry Herring.

Wednesday 9/19 – Patriot Group Spotlight-Dave Nalle of Republcan Liberty Caucus, Liz Trent of Spirit of Resistance gives us insight on Islamic doctrine, Terry Herring adds insight and updates on the Save Our Sheriff issue in St. Charles County. Laura Hausladen on Audit the Fed.

Wednesday 9/12 – Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert: Tom Martz of Locke & Smith talks veto session bills. Linda Becker gives us an update on Todd Akin’s campaign and the Rally set for the 21st. And Terry Herring with more info on the St. Charles County Law Enforcement Power Grab, and an update on the Save Our Sheriff Dept. Campaign.

Wednesday 9/5 – Patriot Group Spotlight – Lake Area Conservative Club and Cliff Luber. He also gives us an update on the Akin Rally in Camdenton.  Breaking news on the Prop E Ballot language. And we have another local power grab in St Charles County. We talk about the Law Enforcement Issue and the shenanigans on upcoming ballots in that county.

Wednesday 8/29 – Can’t make it to Tampa? No Worries! Join us in St. Charles County as we broadcast live from the Americans for Prosperity field office at their Convention Watch Party. Also, Cooper County Patriots in the Patriot Group Spotlight and Chris Arps, of, talks about support for Romney among Conservative Black voters.

Wednesday 8/22 – Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder updates us on the Prop E ballot language lawsuit, Tom Marts of Locke & Smith talks Yankee Doodle Legislation and the Missouri Veto Session and Loran Maloney of Commuter Patriots is in the Patriot Group Spotlight.

Wednesday 8/15 – Prop E update and news from Lt.Gov. Peter Kinder, Gary Wiegert on Prop A and the police local control controversy, Jill Johnson, Missouri’s Coordinator for talks Parental Rights Amendment and the UNCRC.

Wednesday 8/8 – Election night recap, Tom Martz on the Locke and Smith Foundation’s 2012 nominees, Usama Dakdok of The Straight Way Ministry talks muslim extremists, and we look ahead to Prop E and Amendment 3 in November.

Wednesday 8/1 – The Second Amendment Show. In the wake of the Colorado Shooting, the 2nd Amendment is the hot topic across the country. Paul Bastean of Ultimate Defense talks Conceal and Carry logistics in Missouri. Also, Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert!, Missouri’s Amendment 2 (Religious Freedom).

Wednesday 7/25 – Pre-primary inundation! Interviews with Secretary of State candidate,Shane Schoeller; Lt. Governor candidate, Brad Lager; and U.S. Senate candidate, Todd Akin.

Wednesday 7/18 – Lisa hosts Brian Hook from Missouri Journal, budget watchdog; Cynthia Davis, Constitution Party candidate for Lt Gov; Bill Slantz, Libertarian candidate for MO2 House seat; and Randy Noble with another Sharia law update.

Wednesday 7/11 – Lisa welcomes Ed Martin and Adam Warren, the Republican primary candidatesfor Missouri Attorney General. Also joining tonight; Linda Ragsdale and Alex McCarthy from Americans for Prosperity.

Wednesday 7/4 – In a special July 4th “best of” show, Lisa talks with Bob McCarty, author of Three Days in August and Sandy Garber of K&N Patriots. There’s also an in-depth discussion of the American Legislative Exchnge Committee joined by Cindy McGee of Show Me Patriots.

Wednesday 6/27 – Lisa’s guests tonight include Bill Randles, candidate for governor, on Education in Missouri; Bill Phelps, Director of Fair Tax Missouri; and Liz Trent of Spirit of Resistence, on radical Islam and how it is distorting the Constitution.

Wednesday 6/20 – The Culture Vigilante Lisa Payne-Naeger is joined by Patrick Werner of Americans for Prosperity. Laura Kostial comes along with a rebuttal for last week’s Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert and in this weeks Patriot Spotlight, Cindy McGee from Show Me Patriots talks about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Wednesday 6/13 – Lisa chats with Konni Hall of the Christian County Property Rights Council and Dr. Earl Taylor of the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Tom Martz joins Lisa with another Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert.

Wednesday 6/6 – Laura from Concerned Women of America discusses upcoming Seminars and Workshops, Brian Hook comes from Missouri Journal, Bill Dallas joins Lisa from Campion the Vote. The Patriot Spotlight shones on Missouri Precinct Project, and Tom Martz and Lisa bring you another Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert.

Wednesday 5/30 – Lisa invites dialog from Bob McCarty, author of 3 Days in August and Ben Evans of Heritage Action. Bill Hennessy steps into the Patriot Spotlight with his group St Louis Tea Party. In the first installment of her new segment, Lisa introduces Yankee Doodle legislation with guest Tom Martz of Locke & Smith.

Wednesday 5/23 – The Culture Vigilante is joined by Chris Arps of MoveOnUp and Brian Hook for a continued discussion of the budget fiasco. In the Patriot Spotlight this week is the Vacation Liberty School founded by guest Anne Gassel. Gretchen Logue, the Education Watchdog makes another visit.

Wednesday 5/16 – In the first episode of The Culture Vigilante, Lisa Payne-Naeger introduces herself, what the Culture Vigilante is all about, and lays out the format. She is joined in this inaugural segment by Brian Hook of Missouri Journal to talk about the latest Missouri Budget enacted by the recently adjourned legislature; Gretchen Logue, the Missouri Education Watchdog to discuss the latest routing of quality education by the legislature; and in the Patriot Spotlight, by a leader of the K&N Patriots, Sandy Garber.

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