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Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/30/14

April 30, 2014

Ryan Bundy checks in with us on latest developments at the ranch, racism, drone attacks, missing cattle, and more.

Oklahoma takes a huge step in the right direction toward reeling in out an of control judiciary. IMPEACHMENT of half of the supreme court! Oklahoma State Rep., Mike Christian, is with us to discuss the Impeachment Articles he filed in the Clayton Lockett/Charles Warner murder trial.

And while we all reflect on the Bundy case, and why it is imperative to have a Constitutional Sheriff in each county across the country, Marc Messmer gives an update on the Save Our Sheriff initiative in St.Charles County.

Join us at 7 p.m./cst. If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, listen to the podcast, at your convenience.

Listen to the Podcast, HERE!


Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/23/14

April 23, 2014

Tonight, we continue the discussion on the Bundy Ranch invasion and Justina Pelletier with Chris Agee of Western Journalism and The Informed Conservative.

Common Core is a huge deal in the social engineering of our culture as well as a HUGE infringement on parental rights and privacy. Robin Eubanks joins us and discusses all things Common Core. You don’t want to miss this, folks.

Paul Ellison of AmericanSpring2011 has more on the investigation of child trafficking in Missouri Schools. These are things you need to look for in your own schools. Join us at 7:00 pm/cst.

If you can’t join us at 7:00 pm/cst, you can always enjoy the podcast later, at your convenience.

Listen to the podcast here!

Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/16/14

April 15, 2014

It’s not about cattle, mineral mining, past due fees, turtles, or anything you have been hearing about over the last week. The rumors run rampant, but what is the truth? This week, Cliven Bundy is here to tell us the uncut story of what happened, is happening, will happen in Nevada, on the Bundy ranch.

There is another aspect of this great story. It’s about those who rose up, from all over the country to support, protect the Bundy’s, and protest against BLM and government oppression/overreach. Ryan Payne, of Operation Mutual Aid, tells us the details of this country’s citizen militia and how it worked to push back against the government who attacked the Bundy Ranch. Tune in and share the link with your friends.

Listen to the podcast here!


Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/9/14

April 10, 2014

Tonight we talk more about what the government has done to your food, in terms of pumping it full of toxins and what it means for your health. Dr. Josephine Lee, of The Lee Institute of Health and Wellness, joins us to give us the straight scoop on how to recognize, manage and correct the health problems caused by toxins.

Paul Ellison joins us to give us an update on the atrocity and appalling events of administrative overreach and child trafficking and Camden County’s assault on a family there.

I’ll also bring you up to speed on some current events. Join us at 7pm/cst.

Listen to the podcast here! 

Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/2/14

April 2, 2014

Tonight Cindy McGee and I are joined by Patrick Werner, MO AFP, to discuss Right To Work. Cindy and I will also take up other important and timely topics such as the Common Core battle in Missouri, updates on the Justina Pelletier case, and asking the question, “Is the government poisoning us through our food supply?” Join us at 7PM/CST.

Listen to the Podcast Here!

Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 3/26/14

March 26, 2014

Tonight we continue the discussion on the Justina Pellitier case and Duane Weed joins us to enlighten us on all things fiscal. What do we need to know, going forward, about the current state of affairs regarding our economy. Gold, silver, the Fed, inflation. We cover it all. Join us!

Listen to the podcast here!

Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 3/19/14

March 19, 2014

We’re back this week with conversation on all the latest topics happening in the news. There are lots of things to talk about. Cindy will give us an update on the Justina Pellitier case, and we talk current events.

Listen to the podcast, here!

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