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Decades of political correctness programming have eroded away any last shred of conservative conscience our parents tried teach us as children. I’m OK; you’re OK. When politicians lie to us, cheat on their spouses, or don’t pay their taxes, we think nothing of it. Our religious leaders have adopted a softer, more tolerant approach in addressing controversial issues, if they address them at all. While this approach continues to fill the pews and collection plates, it has had a devastating effect on Judeo-Christian values, and in turn, negatively affected our culture. Our children don’t know the value of receiving red pen marks on their school-work or learning from their failures because it may damage their self-esteem. Every kid on the team earns a trophy whether they can hit the ball over the fence, or not. You can’t make a deal with a handshake anymore because a man’s, or woman’s, word just doesn’t mean what it used to mean. It isn’t legally binding in a court of law. And for that matter, neither is a signed contract. When was the last time you used the word “honor” or “character” in a sentence?

Slowly and methodically, progressive tolerance has invaded our mindset and destroyed the culture of an America founded on freedom and liberty and JUSTICE. You can’t have justice in a culture that has lost its sense of truth, liberty and right and wrong. It’s time to take the culture back.

Some would say expecting the masses to adopt a “purist” attitude is unrealistic. You can’t expect everyone to live by standards that are too high; there are too many traps and pitfalls. Well, I disagree. If no one raises the bar, there are no goals to shoot for, therefore no standards to live by. If one indiscretion is ok today, then what’s wrong with the next? This is the socialistic tactic that eroded constitutional principles and it is the same tactic that is eroding the rest of our culture.

Culture Vigilante was conceived as a tool to resurrect the values and moral fiber that drove the culture when the populace was in control of society.  Join the discussion and take the actions necessary to take matters into your own hands and take back the culture.

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