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Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 1/15/14

January 14, 2014

After a radio hiatus, WE’RE BACK. Cindy McGee joins me as Missouri Grassroots Radio begins another year with Culture Vigilante. Lots to discuss and we start with the marijuana legalization debate. Bill Hennessy, of the St. Louis Tea Party, advocates for it. Frieda Keogh, of Missouri Precinct Project, reintroduces her organization and updates us on the issues. Common Core, UN Watershed issues, Right to Work, and more. William Estrada of gives us an update on the German homeschooling family, the Wunderlichs, and what it means for educational freedom in the states. Tom Martz, of the Locke & Smith Foundation, reports on the yearly Locke & Smith awards and the Consent of the Governed Rally, in Jefferson City. Join us, and call in. 347-677-1835

Listen to the podcast HERE at 7PM/CST.

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