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Hey, NRSC! Less Talking Points, More Conservative Substance!

December 27, 2013

nsrcNear the holiday season, at end of the year, I always expect to be approached by charities and other organizations looking to raise funds for a good cause. But I really don’t expect to be dogged by political organizations for campaign contributions, especially since we have not yet entered the campaign season.

Last week, I received yet another solicitation from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) disguised as correspondence that I might receive from my local county assessors office. Pretty tricky. It worked, though. I opened the envelope. What I found inside was a “St. Charles County Republican Area Assessment,” not a tax statement from my tax collector. I was actually quite surprised to see that they had the nerve to put me back on their mailing list, since I sent them some pretty graphic pieces of my mind when they intentionally derailed the Akin campaign in 2012. We, in Missouri, have been licking the wounds inflicted by Claire McCaskill, since then. I want to extend my personal thanks to Carl Rove for helping that initiative along. But I digress.

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