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Breaking The Code Is The Key To Breaking Obamacare

October 8, 2013

Breaking_the_Code-320x240Parliamentary procedure may outline Congressional floor operation, but in politics, there is a difference between following protocol and following code. While some may find fault with Ted Cruz for going on a rogue filibuster to throw a wrench in the works of Obamacare funding, you’ve got to give him credit for masterfully implementing a multi-layered strategy which accomplished more than just bringing widespread attention to the looming financial threats of socialized healthcare. Not only did he reignite and energize the furor of an exhausted grassroots, he managed to expose the heavily cloaked and highly protected code by which elected elites have been bargaining away our freedoms. As he did so, he made prominent the individual actions/votes of individual Republicans, which, up until now, was something the alliance effectively managed to dodge. Brilliant!

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