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#MORecallLegislation2014 Can Put Power Back In The Hands Of Missourians

September 17, 2013

dont-retreat-recall-320x240Did you ever have one of “those” days, where you look at the world around you and wonder what in the heck happened to make the current turn of events spiral so absurdly out of control? I have been having that day a lot, lately. The loss of control over daily life and culture is frightening.

I have lived in Missouri all my life. I raised my children here, and my family lives here, as do most of my friends. While much of the country considers the Midwest, fly-over country, I do not. It’s a great place to live, and raise a family. The countryside is beautiful and the cities have just enough urban appeal without dominating the suburban culture. The values used to be common sense and generally conservative. Missouri has always been a RED state.

Last week, it became increasing clearer, (not that it wasn’t already) that Missouri is no different than the rest of the United States in that it has lost its capacity for independent thought and loyalty to true Constitutional principles, and has become intoxicated by the lure of . . .

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