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Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 8/28/13

August 28, 2013

Watch this video! Do you think Duane Weed and Marc Messmer should have been arrested, held 24 hours in the county jail without being charged, or was it a heavy handed police force abusing its authority?

Duane Lester, of the Missouri Torch, talked the dog-and-pony-show that was the DoR/Privacy hearings in Jefferson City. He is about to break a shocking story, on Monday, about how your private information is being SOLD to third parties. Is this legalized identity theft for profit?

Bob Parker talks how the DoR gets around the question, “Are you still taking biometric photos?” And Susanne from American Patriot Coalition tells us how we can rejuvenate the TeaParty movement.

Listen to the podcast here!

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