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Culture Vigilante – Missouri Grassroots Radio 6/26/13 & 7/3/13

July 5, 2013

We just celebrated our nation’s 237th birthday and we had a great show on Wednesday to commemorate the occasion. Bill Federer, always interesting and informative, gave us a great rundown on historical events that led to our nation’s independence. Emmanuel Goldstien and MD of have a great new website, with a great network of patriots from across the country, and they want you to join in the initiative to help save the independence of our country. The government is, once again, they are attacking farmers. The Baker family, in Michigan, is being attacked, to the tune of $700,000, by their Attorney General for raising pigs on their family farm.

Listen to the 7/3/13 podcast here!

Last week was the last week before the White River Watershed National Blueway public input deadline closed, and citizen could make their voices heard on the issue. A lot of work was done by the grassroots to bring attention to this issue in a very short period of time. We played an interview of Jeannie Burlsworth and gave general updates on the issue. We also discussed the Department of Revenue scandal.

Listen to the 6/26/13 podcast here!


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