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Culture Vigilante – Missouri Grassroots Radio 5/29/13

May 29, 2013

We had a great show, this evening. Tony Kirk gave us a great run down of the line up for this weekend’s Conservative Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention at the Ameristar Hotel in St. Charles County. Get the info on how to join them here!

Here’s an issue we all need to be on top of. The White River Watershed National Blueway is a HUGE land grab and another AGENDA 21 boondoggle. Call Jay Nixon and tell him to sign SB 265, the anti Agenda 21 legislation. Thanks to Jack Abrahamson from Secure Arkansas and the work they are doing on bringing awareness to this issue.

Don’t forget about Benghazi. All the current scandal coming from the nation’s capital is just a smokescreen to divert your attention from the treason taking place there. Marinka Peschmann ties together the details of Benghazi and reports on the stonewalling. Read her latest article here.

Bill Federer also wrote about Benghazi this week. His latest publication in The Daily Caller gives the foundation of Hillary and her ties to Alinsky tactics and how the UN is attacking our freedom of speech.

Tom Martz, of the Locke and Smith Foundation wraps up with us and discusses the end of the session.

Listen to the Pod – Cast Here!


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