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Culture Vigilante – Missouri Grassroots Radio 5/22/13

May 22, 2013

Wow! What a show! The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is coming to St. Charles County and you don’t want to miss it! Sheriff Richard Mack and Chief Tony Kirk tell us why it SO important to have Constitutionally elected sheriffs in your community. Come to the convention and hear a myriad of fabulous speakers explain why you want to reinstate power to sheriffs and not bureaucrats.

Tom DeWeese and Dr. Michael Coffman, pioneers in the fight against Agenda 21, will also be at the CSPOA conference, but first you will have the opportunity see them on May 30 at Have Bible Will Travel – 1745 Craig Road, St. Louis County, 63146. Agenda 21 Coming To A Neighborhood Near YOU! Be there! 7PM.

Ray Cunio gave us an update on SB265, an anti Agenda 21 bill passed this session. Call Jay Nixon and tell him to sign it.

Read my latest posting.

Thanks to Caroline Mueller for sitting in and updating us on current events!

Tune in Next week as we talk more CSPOA.

Listen to the podcast here!!!!


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