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Culture Vigilante Missouri Grassroots Radio 4/10/13

April 11, 2013

If you missed last night’s show, you missed a good one. The good news, you cans still listen here! We are always pod-casted for your convenience.

This week we spoke to Patrick Werner, of Americans for Prosperity, about their plan to bring awareness of oppressive taxation and how to fight back against it. More than 200 out of 283 tax initiatives passed last week. Unbelievable.

Judy Dollarhite has written a book about their experiences with severe government overreach and regulation. Listen to the history of how government oppression has motivated this family to fight back and become engaged in fighting for freedom.

Laura Hausladen and Phillip Michaels have been vocal patriots promoting the paper ballot initiative. HB773 and SB375 are concurrent bills, much like other bills that have been introduced and languished in the legislature over the last 5 years, that have again stalled in each chamber. We are quickly nearing the end of the session and these bills will also die if you don’t speak up, contact your reps/senators and tell them to get off the dime to move them. They actually haven’t even been voted out of committee yet. Email addresses for all legislators is in the sidebar. Send them a spam.

 Listen to the entire podcast HERE

Next week, It’s all about your parental rights, privacy of personal information and freedom from intrusion, and freedom for educational choice. And I’m talking REAL educational choice, not the %#$^& the legislature is trying to sell you. It’s all about Common Core State Standards and how they are going to forever change everything in the US culture. Brian Ray of NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) will be here to speak about CCSS and homeschooling. William Estrada of HSLDA and will be here to elaborate on CCSS and data mining. Gretchen Logue and Anne Gassle, of Missouri Education Watchdog, will give us the benefit of their years of research and experience, and enlighten us on how we can fight this in Missouri and across the country.


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