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Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 4/3/13 and 3/27/13

April 4, 2013

Forgot to post last week, but we had a great show and didn’t want you to miss it. All shows are pod-casted so you can listen anytime! Thank you, Al Gore, for this wonderful internet!  (please infer the appropriate amount of sarcasm)

Last week we had Dr. Gina Loudon talking the culture war and her decision to go on “Wife Swap”. The war for conservative values in the culture is on. John Lilly, of the Locke and Smith Foundation gave us the heads up on HB631. Do you really want/need the government meddling in your local public schools this much? Molly Nesham, of Citizen Legislator Inc., introduces the organization that wants to put a Constitutional Amendment forth to bring term limits to D.C. Cindy Chafian of the Mommy Lobby also fights the culture wars and alerts us to Victoria Secret’s suggestive marketing to children. Tom Martz, also of Locke and Smith, is with us for several Yankee Doodle Legislation alerts. We appreciate Cindy McGee’s, of Show Me Patriots, contribution to the discussion.

Listen to last week’s pod-cast HERE!

This week, Cindy McGee, of Show Me Patriots, sits in as we talk to William Estrada of and Alan Levy of Citizen Legislator Inc. Estrada gives us details on the Romeike family’s plight against the Obama Administration’s persecution of their right to educational choice. He also touches on Common Core Standards and Parental Rights. Very informative. Alan Levy, if Citizen Legislator Inc. gives us some direction, support and information on submitting a Constitutional Amendment to bring term limits to D.C.

How have you sought to fight the culture war in order to restore Constitutional government? Have you been preaching to the choir the last 4 years? Have you stepped outside the patriot bubble to include and educate “independent” and uninformed citizens? Listen to the pod-cast and learn how to expand and cast a wider net to grow the patriot movement.

Listen to this week’s pod-cast HERE!

Here’s some information on Citizen Legislator Inc.

Missouri’s State Director: Molly Nesham

Here’s the website:

Go to and sign the petition to grant the Romeikes, the persecuted German homeschool family, permanent, legal status. Also, pass this link on in all your email lists.

Go to to get more info, as well.



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