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Culture Vigilante-Missouri Grassroots Radio 3/13/13

March 14, 2013

More info on RTW from Vincent Vernuccio of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He gives us a rundown on Michigan’s fight to become a RTW state. Patrick Werner of Americans for Prosperity talks tax initiatives in Missouri, LOTS of tax initiatives. Cynthia Davis joins us and gives us highlights from her MGC show, HomeFront! A Yankee Doodle Legislation Alert with Tom Martz from the Locke and Smith Foundation. And finally, we play the interview from the Free Market Warrior, Loren Spivek, that didn’t get heard in last week’s show!

Listen to the podcast HERE!

This was a nice break from politics for just a minute…

Didn’t get a chance to talk about this, last night, but it is worth the mention. WHY are we STILL supporting these traitors to Missouri who are undermining our Constitutional freedom and our economy?

Here’s a note from MOAgainstCommonCore:

For Immediate Release:

Representative Kurt Bahr’s  house bill 616 was voted out of the Downsizing State Government Committee today 8:4 along party lines. HB616 requires the state to stop implementation of Common Core Standards and Assessments.

Parents, principals and teachers continue, as they learn more about the full scope of the Common Core initiative, to join the ranks of supporters of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core. The slick marketing of this initiative to teachers and administrators over the last twelve months, paid for heavily by the Gates Foundation,  cannot overcome the deeply worrisome aspects of cost, loss of control and intrusive data collection on our children.

Many veteran teachers are all too familiar with the constructivist approach to teaching math inherent with CC and know that it does not work for a significant portion of students. Higher education teachers know that it will leave those unable to afford supplemental math enrichment in k-12 without the math skills necessary to complete college degree programs that rely heavily on mathematics like engineering without paying for extra math courses in college. Those in the language arts reject the heavy emphasis on informational text reading and analysis knowing that the research does not support that as a good path path to developing future writers.

MCACC provided expert witnesses at both the House and Senate hearings on Anti-Common COre legislation. Emmett McGroarty of the American Principles Project was one of them. He will be on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze tv tonight at 5:00 pm central talking about Common Core.

Join the MCACC network at and spread the word about Common Core.

Anne Gassel

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

We tried to get Sen. Kurt Schaefer on to talk about his bill but he didn’t return phone calls, but here’s a great article on the DOR issue.


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