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Culture Vigilante Definitions You Should Know

February 18, 2013

Since the disintegration of the political structure and culture of America, because the Left has become far Left or Communist and the Right has become Left, I think it has become necessary to redefine some terms that may better describe the praxis of our country. Additionally, too many people are still stuck on old terminology and continue to believe “conservative” means “tending to conserve: conserving, preservative.(from my grandmother’s American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language). So, here are a couple of terms I have coined, that I believe better define some of what is taking place, in government and the culture. I hope these new definitions will help others to become aware, enlightened and engaged in slowing and even stopping the swift slide into a progressive, socialistic, totalitarian government by identifying the collaborators who are selling us out by way of deceptive messaging.

Kumbaya Conservatives – Any political figure, elected or otherwise, who uses conservative speak to convince a conservative audience to buy into the arguments of “just playing along,” “let’s all just get along,” or “we need bi-partisan support to move the ball down the field.” Some examples of conservative speak used to convince true conservatives that they, Kumbaya Conservatives, are working in your best interests are: citing the Constitution, Biblical passages, quoting the founders, or historical references. You will never hear a Kumbaya Conservative speak enforcement or accountability because those philosophies are counter productive to maintaining the status quo. Kumbaya Conservatives have sometimes been labeled as, but are not limited to “establishment Republicans.”

Yankee Doodle Legislation – Any legislation, local, state or federal, filed/sponsored by any political figure, designed to inflame, impassion and engage conservative voters for the benefit of drawing attention to and the self aggrandizement of the filer/sponsor. Yankee Doodle Legislation often serves no substantive purpose in any matter of law as aspects of it are often already secured in the Constitution or other previously adopted law. It’s primary purpose is to strike an emotional chord within the voting populace and turn its sponsors into political heroes.

  1. February 18, 2013 4:06 pm

    Ok, what would you classify Rand Paul?

    • CultureVigilante permalink*
      February 18, 2013 4:08 pm

      I like Rand Paul, just fine. I am a little worried about his National Right To Work Legislation and I am also worried about his stance on gun control and defense. But other than that, I don’t know enough about him to “classify” him.

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