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Contact Your Legislators Via Email

February 11, 2013

In the past, Culture Vigilante has encouraged you to contact your legislators on various issues and we have also, in the past, provided you with the full list of email address for you to mass email on various issues. Legislators notice when they get emails and phone calls on any issue, so once again, we have provided you with the mass email lists of both the House and Senate for your convenience. Just copy/paste.

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2013 Freshman Missouri House of Representatives (Republican),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2013 Freshman Missouri House of Representatives (Democrat),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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2013 Missouri House Democrats,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Today, I sent the following email in support of Right To Work and here are also a few responses I received:

Honorable Representatives:

As the senate prepares to debate the value of Right To Work, in our state, I would urge you to support this initiative for the good of the people of Missouri. While it will receive a controversial protest from labor unions, the people of Missouri are counting on you to work for enterprises that will benefit jobs and commerce beyond special interests. Please give serious consideration to SB76 and SB134, HB77 and HB91 (without ballot initiative clauses) and all other RTW legislation that may circulate in this legislative session.

Thank you for your time, service and consideration.


From Jill Schupp:

Thank you for your email.

It is imperative that working people be able to receive a reasonable and living wage for their full-time hours on the job.  In that regard, the ability of people to bargain collectively has helped establish and provide decent wages, benefits and safe working environments for our working class friends and neighbors.

Long term job growth and economic development also depend upon people being able to pay their bills and spend discretionary income to keep the economy moving forward.

When we undermine the work of people by paying them amounts that leave them dependent upon the state and federal government for covering costs of their basic needs, we are doing ourselves and the people of Missouri no favors.

“Right to Work” is an effort to undermine the formation of unions that work to stand up for the “rank and file” employees.  While we have less people in unions today that we did a generation ago, it is clear that they still provide value.  When a union works to support some employees, it is supporting all employees in that trade.  The unions cannot survive if co-workers can opt out of participating.  To me, the freedom that we should support is that of unions having the freedom to stand up for working class people without interference by those who would like to lower wages and force dependency upon government to meet people’s basic needs.

Again, I appreciate your input, and am hopeful that jobs will become more available and more people will become trained to fill those jobs building a stronger economy for all of us in Missouri.


From Scott Fitzpatrick:

I assure you I will support RTW in MO. HB 77 is being handled by rep. Burlison who is a friend of mine and who also happens to be my roommate in Jefferson City. Ill do all I can to see it passed.

Thank you for your email. Please feel free to contact me any time.


From Glen Kolkmeyer:

I am a supporter of Right to Work. It was a crazy around here last week with the Union workers who showed up for the hearing. Fortunately, the bills made it out of committee and I’m looking forward to supporting them on the floor.

Thank you for your email. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office with your concerns or questions – we are here to serve you.


From Scott Rupp:

Thank you for taking the time to contact our office and voice your support for right to work.

Senator Rupp’s Committee on Small Business, Insurance and Industry will hear public testimony on bills related to right to work this week.

Day: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time: 1:00 PM

Place: SCR 1

Bills To Be Considered:

SB 30- Brown;  Repeals all of the prevailing wage laws

SB 68- Parson; Modifies prevailing wage determinations for third class counties

SB 76 – Brown; Bars employers from requiring employees to engage in or cease engaging in certain labor practices

SB 134 – Sater; Bars employers from requiring employees to engage in or cease engaging in certain labor practices

Well, there’s a quick look at the support/oppose/non-committal. This will be another big week, at the capitol, as more legislation is debated in senate committees.

In addition to emails, sign witness forms for SB76 and SB134, as they will be held tomorrow.


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