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Missouri Grassroots Radio – Culture Vigilante 2/6/13

February 6, 2013


A HUGE Show! Legislation updates, Authors, Right to Work, Parental Rights and OBAMACARE!

We looked at the following legislation: HB42, SB75, SB124, HB379. Keep an eye on these!

Patrick Werner and Rachel Payton of Americans for Prosperity gave us an update on the RTW  HB 77 committee hearing, in Jefferson City, today. Will they take the ballot initiative language out of the bill and save taxpayers $7 million dollars? If you want RTW in MO, you need to keep up the pressure. If you leave it to the Unions to decide, they will advocate more tax credits to stimulate the Missouri economy. Keep an eye on the AFP web site for details.

Jill Johnson gave us an explanation of Kurt Bahr’s parental rights bill that will be filed on 2/7/12. Urge your legislator to co-sponsor this bill. Call them before 10:00 a.m. on Thursday and ask them to jump on board. Here’s the legislator look up link.

Chris Agee, Author of The Conservatives Guide to the Lunatic Left, gave us a highlight of his latest works.

Dave McArthur, of McArthur’s Bakery gave us a clear, no nonsense outline of how OBAMACARE is affecting small business and you, the average working American. And Vince Blair gave us the straight talk of what health care is gonna look like in 2014, from his professional perspective.

Listen to the podcast here!

This is just for fun. These kids are an amazing example of Americana!


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