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Culture Vigilante – MGC Radio 1/16/13

January 15, 2013

On Wednesday at 7PM, Mason Weaver drops in to give us a kick in the pants and a good talkin’ to about what conservatives need to do to change their attitudes in order to drive the agenda in America. Hear about his new book, Tribalism.

Obama may sign a number of executive orders which will choke your freedoms regarding gun ownership. Steve Marx of Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance talks gun control, Obama, and all other relevant issues of your 2nd amendment rights.

Liz Trent of Spirit of Resistance and Reject Dawah drops in to remind us we don’t have to drink the Kool-aid and accept the propaganda that is changing the American culture. She has a couple of new videos out on the influence of islamic propaganda. Watch them here:

Khalid Yasin is coming to St. Louis:

Author, David Workman talks about his new book: Absolute Authority

Listen to the podcast here


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