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Culture Vigilante Voting Guide

October 30, 2012

This is a modified version (CV Personalized) of the voting guide posted on the Missouri Grassroots Coalition web page. Also listed are voting guides from other organizations for you voting information. If you want to take back your conservative culture, the best way to take matters into your own hands is to VOTE!

There are a gazillion voter guides out there and this one is my own personalized suggestion for voting on November 6th. I have also listed the voter guides of other organizations for your information. If you do not see your voter guide listed and would like to be added, send me ( an email, and I will update. Enjoy and “GO VOTE!”

President – Romney/Ryan – Do I really need to explain this one? I know Romney is a flaming moderate and nothing close to conservative, but ya gotta stop the bleeding. There will be time to start looking for his replacement, if he fails to repeal Obamacare (in its entirety) and restore conservative values to government. (I am gonna need a sedative to cast a vote for this guy, but I am gonna do it anyway)

U.S Senate – Todd Akin – Again, we don’t really need to explain this one either. Claire and Obama are a deadly combination for freedom and liberty.

Governor – Dave Spence – It’s just time for a Republican sweep. Spence will definitely need the guidance from the grassroots, as he is more “establishment” than I would like, but as with so many races this election cycle, he is the better alternative than the status quo.

Lieutenant Governor – Cynthia Davis – It’s time to give a third party candidate a chance and breathing some conservative life back into government.

Secretary of State – Shane Schoeller – After the Prop E debacle, do we really want to put another Democrat in this office?

Treasurer – Cole McNary – Republican sweep sentiment

Attorney General – Ed Martin – Martin will be the most aggressive in challenging Obamacare and other issues related to personal freedom in Missouri. If we do not elect a Republican Governor, we will need an aggressive Republican in this seat to keep some accountability in the Governor’s office.

Judges – I generally vote to not retain judges. The folks have no effective way to monitor the actions/careers of our judiciary and until that time comes, it’s better to keep their stay on the bench as short as possible, in my opinion. However if you would like to do further research here is a link: ShowMeCourts. In St. Charles County, where we vote for judges, I WILL NOT be casting a vote for any of them. Almost alway, judges in our county run unopposed. This is unacceptable, in my opinion, and screams of cronyism. While not voting for judges doesn’t change the situation, a low voting number in these races can send a message that citizens want choices in choosing their judiciary.

Constitutional Amendment 3 (Missouri Plan for Judge Appointment) – NO – There is too much potential for an explosion of partisan control by lawyers and no balance from others outside the Bar Association.

Proposition A – (Local Control of St Louis City Police) – VOTE NO!!! This is Yankee-Doodle-Legislation that will not bring local control to St. Louis City.

Proposition B – (Tobacco Tax)  – NO – When ever a campaign declares “It’s for the kids,” it’s not for the kids and does anybody really believe that the money goes to the kids, at this point? Remember the Lottery? In addition, STOP IMPOSING ADDITIONAL TAXES! Learn to work with the funding you’ve got. Shrink government if you can’t make ends meet.

Proposition E – (Insurance Exchanges) – YES – Don’t be fooled by the ballot language. Voting YES stops the Governor from autonomous control of establishing insurance exchanges with out the authority of the legislature or a vote of the people.

Additional issues in Missouri: VOTE NO on all County Charter Initiatives in St. Charles County. They either increase power in government, namely in the County Executive’s office, or are already covered in the existing Charter. These initiatives were also hastily put on the ballot by the Council, without input from the community. The Save Our Sheriff’s Department Campaign is also included in this group of initiatives.

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