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Missouri Grassroots Coalition Is Here To Support Your Independent Voice

May 22, 2012

Tea Party, 9/12, Grassroots and Patriot groups across the state have been working independently to educate citizens on issues and advocate for smaller government. Sometimes, however, there are times when the groups need to come together to provide support and information on issues that are important in the fight for freedom and liberty. Missouri Grassroots Coalition was founded to be an organization in which patriots, in groups or independently, can coalesce to share resources and information in their efforts to fight for freedom.

Our (Missouri Grassroots Coalition) mission is to work with all patriot groups that believe in our basic core values of limited government, local and state sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, and fair taxation. Our mission is one to bring all the patriot groups we can together to be one strong voice.  . . .  We need to make a united front to the elected officials of our schools, fire & ambulance boards, towns, counties and yes the state. For these to become a reality, we need to bond together each group’s efforts into one strong voice. Missouri Grassroots Coalition was formed just for that purpose, not to take control of what you’re doing, but to help coordinate the efforts to best accomplish these goals. You can’t do it by yourselves, and we can’t do it without you. Stand up for your State and Country.

The MGC website is a complete information sharing tool with various blog postings, calendar of events for patriot groups to list events and forums to discuss important issues. MCG Radio launched during the week of May 14th with a full line up of shows, Monday through Friday evenings, that provide information on all kinds of information from developing  and advancing legislation to spotlighting patriot groups around the state. All broadcasts are archived so you can download or listen online at your convenience.

Culture Vigilante is featured on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM. This week’s line up features: Chris Arps of, Anne Gassle of Vacation Liberty School, Brian Hook of Missouri Journal to speak on the  Missouri Jobs numbers and Gretchen Logue of MissouriEducationWatchdog to speak on the current state of education reform in our state.

Join the discussion and contribute in the fight for freedom, liberty and smaller government. The patriot revolution starts in 2012 and it happens at the grassroots level.


  1. patriotsoul permalink
    May 23, 2012 10:00 am

    This is good to, if only JCTea could switch its meeting schedule so as not to clash with great speakers and issues sponsored by SLTea After Party….
    I do not mean to be “snarky”, but we all do support each other, do we not?


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