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What Part Of “No Article V” Didn’t Missouri Legislators Understand?

January 22, 2012

Last year, the citizens of Missouri made it very clear they didn’t want any form of Article V legislation coming from Missouri legislators. Town halls were hosted. Emails and phone calls were sent. Public debates were held. Speeches were made. At the end of the session, Article V, in any form, died. So the question remains, why not push to rescind previous calls for a con-con and why the push to advance Article V when the people have clearly said they don’t want it? Notice the uncomfortably long, pregnant pauses to the question proposed at the Lincoln County Town Hall, called last year to address this issue?

Fast forward to the 2012 legislative session. Despite the push back from constituents, Chuck Gatschenberger has declared his intent to move forward with Article V again.

So, once again, it looks like it will be up to the citizens of Missouri to real in, so called, conservative representatives because their voices were not taken seriously last year on this issue.

Chuck Gatschenberger has introduced HCR4 calling for a convention for proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. His bill has received two readings on the house floor.

Last session, Tim Jones, House Majority Floor Leader, allowed discussion of Gatschenbergers bill on the floor, but promised it would not move to a vote. Will he protect and represent the people’s wishes again this year? It’s time to call your legislators out and put them on record. Article V wasn’t a good idea last year and it’s still not a good idea.

Dwight Scharnhorst has also submitted submitted legislation calling for an amendment to the Constitution. HCR3 calls for congress to add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. It has had 2 readings on the House floor and is scheduled for hearing on Tuesday morning.

You can copy and past the following lists to email your reps and senators to let them know how you feel about this legislation. It has received 2 readings on the House floor.

Republican House Members:,,

Democrat House Members:,,,,,

Independent House Members:

Here is the link to the House Member Directory Page.

Phyllis Schlafly released a series of youtube videos explaining why Article V legislation is a bad idea:


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