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All I Want For Christmas …

December 22, 2011

Here’s wishing you, and your family, a very Merry Christmas and bright and prosperous new year. Since I know you have all been good, this year, I am sure you will get everything you asked Santa for, with very few exceptions. Here’s what I am asking for, this Christmas:

Dear Santa,

I have tried to be very good, this year. I voted in every election. I worked for political candidates and causes that advance conservative values and I always paid my taxes in full and on time, even when I really didn’t want to. Could you please just manage to put a couple of the following under my tree this year?

There are cookies and milk for you in the kitchen, and carrots on the patio for the reindeer. As you work hard on Christmas Eve, and throughout the year, I just wanted to show my appreciation, in this small way, with this non-tax deductible donation.

Yours in conservatism,

Culture Vigilante

A state legislature that doesn’t spend its time writing in excess of 2000 pieces of legislation yearly, at least 130 of which are related to education, and none of which promotes local control of schools.

A real conservative talk radio station. One that doesn’t promote tax credits or establishment republican politicians, please.

Elected leaders, on the local, state and federal level, that at least seem to remember they work for the people, and are there to promote and enforce policy (the constitution) that supports the people and not big government or special interests. Oh yeah, Santa, would you please give me political leaders who really read the Constitution, both state and federal, believe in their principles and will work to uphold those values, and not just use it as campaign rhetoric.

If you could manage to park your sleigh on top of Chuck Gatschenberger so he can’t file that Article V legislation, this year, that would be great, Santa.

The state of Missouri is gonna be a little short of funds this year. Almost a billion dollars, I hear. Something to do with Chinese money. So if you have some cash, that doesn’t come with federal mandates attached to it, perhaps it could find its way into the state coffers? And/or you could help the legislature see the wisdom in cutting entitlements, like the Department of Education.

A little judicial reform would be nice. Also, please remind the House of Representatives that they have the power to do that. I think they forgot, since they haven’t done anything close to imposing consequences on out of control judges since the civil war. Perhaps that’s why things are so out of control.

Please help candidates and the elected see the wisdom in signing Homeschooling United’s Educational Freedom Pledge. Also please help them live up to it. You see, Santa, homeschoolers just want to be left alone to educate our children the way we see fit, without common core, longitudinal data systems and ridiculous regulation. We can do it ourselves; we don’t need or want help from the government. We are doing a good job too, Santa. You would be proud. We would like politicians/government to stay out of our parenting too.

Could you please bring prescription free pseudo-ephedrine back to St. Charles County? Perhaps if there is still enough room under your sleigh, after parking it on top of Chuck Gatschenberger, you could also put Joe Brazil under there as well, just to keep him from eroding away any more conservative values, here in St. Chas. Co.

Could you please convince Missouri legislators to dump their memberships with ALEC so they will go to their constituents to help them set their legislative agendas instead of private think tanks funded by large corporate sponsors.

And while we are talking about conservative values, Santa, could you please help the elected and campaigning understand what that really means. Just because they label themselves as “conservative” doesn’t really mean they are, if they don’t “behave” like conservatives. That seems to be a hard one for some to understand.

If you could help people see the urgency in voting in the coming election cycle, that too would be great, Santa. I just don’t think another four years of Obama will afford me the rights and privileges to write another blog post like this one, for next year, and we really need a conservative in the White House. By the way, Romney is not the one.

Would you please give Rick Perry back his memory. I really think he would eliminate the EPA if he could remember how bad it is for the country. And Rick Perry is not the one, either.

Well, that about covers it. I am gonna leave comments open for others to add their wishes too, Santa. (Remember, Santa is watching, so no flaming).


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