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Don’t Let The Media Choose Your Candidates And Judicial Reform Platforms

November 14, 2011

Missouri gubernatorial candidate, Bill Randles, faces many challenges if he hopes to win the GOP nomination in the upcoming 2012 election, even if he is the only officially declared candidate in the race.

First, the republican king-making hierarchy hasn’t blessed his candidacy and that’s probably because Randles has not paid his dues in the republican gristmill. This is his first attempt at elected office, so he hasn’t worked his way up through the ranks, and the chain of command hasn’t had a chance to mold and influence him the way they are used to doing with traditional establishment republicans. They haven’t had the opportunity to beat the independence out of him, and thus he may be a bit too maverick(ish) for the established republicans. He is conservative, which is a characteristic most modern-day republicans have lost.

This brings me to the second reason Randles faces an up hill battle in the primary. He is conservative, therefore he will not, and has not, received so much as a mention of his name in the state’s largest newspaper, the St. Louis Post Dispatch. As the state’s only declared candidate for governor, he has been omitted from every story about the governor’s race published to date. Knowing name recognition is key in political races, the Post has taken it upon themselves to try to stack the deck against Randles by not advertising his name. That tells me something. The democrats don’t want to run against him and he is probably a great candidate for the governor’s office. Of course, I am not using the Post as my only barometer in my decision-making process, and I reserve the right to change my mind, but because knowledge and information are good instruments when making choices, here is some info on Randles that may help you to become acquainted with him.

I attended a town-hall meeting a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with what I heard and saw. Randles is a Harvard Law School graduate and successful attorney. It is first surprising that a lawyer would step outside the “brotherhood” to address corruption in the judiciary. No one, and I mean no one is talking judicial reform, on any level, as part of their campaign platform.  Watch this clip on his plans to hold the judiciary accountable and put more law back into the hands of the people.

No wonder the Post Dispatch is afraid of Randles. Someone like him, in the governor’s office, would do some serious damage to the socialist state we have become, at least as far as our judicial branch of government is concerned.

Don’t let the media choose your candidates. Spread information so voters can choose for themselves whom they will support in the 2012 elections.


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