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With A Target On Your Back, When Running For President …

June 29, 2011

… why not take a page from the Obama campaign play book and stop putting yourself in vulnerable positions? Michelle Bachmann has taken nothing but flack from media, liberal and conservative alike, about her inability to think on her feet and speak flawlessly on the issues since she formally announced her candidacy. This morning’s big breaking gaff, news story, is that she doesn’t know whom she wants to rescue the country from and her grasp on history  is less than accurate. Stephanopolis made mince meat out of her in a recent interview on Good Morning America. Last week, FOX New’s, Chris Wallace, suggested that Bachmann had a reputations as a flake. 

So, with the tone already being set as to destroy her as a serious presidential candidate, why has Bachmann’s campaign, and all others for that matter, not learned from the master of evasion, Barack Obama, to not be available, or to at least not walk into situations that you do not control in regards to presenting your platform? During the campaign of 2008, the biggest issue heard from conservatives was that Obama was virtually unavailable to most of the press. Nearly all of his campaign appearances were speeches, not interviews. He was a master at reading the teleprompter, and the people soaked up his uncontested messages like sponges with  no one the  challenging him on the issues.

With so much time left to campaign, one would think it would be a part of any successful master plan to avoid the artillery for as long as possible so as not to be knocked out of the battle too early. While Bachmann enjoyed a bump in polling after the debates, in June, wouldn’t it be beneficial to ride that wave as long as possible? Obama has his record and the uncomfortable glare of the spotlight to withstand in the time running up to the 2012 election. Conservative candidates should let him continue to take the heat and dig his own grave for as long as possible. Let the media focus on his incompetence. Don’t give the liberal left-wing pundits fuel to feed on. Just don’t be available. Use other, more effective, campaign strategies to spread your message. The  media are not going to help you. Study the Obama 2008 campaign strategy.




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