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How Do Family Courts Shape Our Culture?

May 10, 2011

What is the dirty little secret that most folks don’t see in our country? It’s the destruction of the family by the judicial system. Unless you have been unfortunate enough to have been victimized by a flogging in the family court system, you probably have no idea how most operate. The reaction almost everyone has when they first become acquainted with the process is that they expect common sense and justice to guide the process. What they soon come to find is that the asylum is being run by the inmates. Alaina Giordano is just another victim of a framework that has systematically advanced the destruction of the American family and every thing it stands for.

With the stroke of a pen, a judge has sent messages to Alaina’s children, and the rest of society, among other things, that: A woman’s personal sacrifice to make a home and raise a family has no value in society, the only valued contribution to a relationship/marriage is monetary, it is acceptable for men to leave families and not be responsible, emotionally or financially, for the children they leave behind, the promises made in the “marriage contract” are meaningless, compassion for the mother of  your children (during her illness) is not necessary, domestic violence is acceptable behavior against their mother, character is meaningless, women/mothers are disposable commodities, emotional considerations and ties to home and familiar surroundings, for the best interests of children, during times of great stress and upheaval in their family, are not valued, the children’s relationship with the obvious primary care giving parent, (in this case, them mother) is inconsequential.

“I mean I have nothing left to lose I’ve kind of lost everything at this point if I lose them,” Giordano said.

There are cases where the tables are turned and the father is the target, so obviously, you could flip the perspective and make these arguments toward the male perspective. The sad reality is that most of the time these attacks happen toward women. Regardless of where you stand on the male/female role of discrimination, the result is the same. The family structure is dismantled, children see, first hand, how the culture does not support marriage, family, the best interests of children. Common sense, support of family values and character have been lost to the culture, forever.

Are these the kind of people we want sitting in positions of power and influence in our judiciary?

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  1. patriotsoul permalink
    May 16, 2011 8:28 am

    I have much to learn about the judicial system, but what judges can be forced out and which ones are “untouchable”, and how asleep the people have been to miss this….IF they care at all, at this point.
    So much of this is a result of nudging by far left anarchists.

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