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Detroit Takes Parenting Rights Away From Homeschooling Mom; What Is The Fallout For The Child?

April 14, 2011

Where is the outrage? More and more, you hear stories of how the long arm of the government reaches into the homes of families and usurps parental authority regarding decisions about their children. Well, here is another story.

A Detroit mother decides to put her daughter in public school, after homeschooling her for several years. The school mandates vaccinations the mother had previously foregone. The child has adverse reactions to vaccinations and the state decides the child must have medication to counter the reactions. The medication makes matters worse and the mother decides to discontinue use. Child Protective Services is assigned to the case. Mother refuses to surrender child to CPS, accusations are made against the mother, SWAT teams are called, mother goes to jail. Things escalate quickly when you push back against the system. Oh, and the child is placed in state custody, even though extended family is available to care for the child.

It has since been determined that the child doesn’t need the medication after all. The child is still in the custody of the state, Mom is out of jail, but waiting, waiting, waiting for trial. So, a mom makes a decision to put her child in a government school after years of homeschooling and loses custody of her child and ends up in jail. How much will she pay in legal fees just to get back to square one? How much will the state gain in fees for escalating a case and putting a child in state custody? What are the psychological damages done to the child because she has been taken from her mother and extended family because the state made a mistake in judging a mother’s neglect (or not?) Do people still really believe courts act in the best interests of the children? The story continues until the state can decide how to handle the mishap.

So, again I ask, where is the outrage? When did the culture at large become numb to the intrusion of government in families and private parenting matters? You probably won’t hear of this story in the main stream media. The fallout from this fiasco will affect one little girl forever.

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  1. H.Cuddy permalink
    April 18, 2011 1:34 am

    Someone please help us change this crap!
    What was sane , has become insane, and insane has become , well, more insane!
    Sometimes, I just do not want to know about this stuff, but then I see the possibility of me in the other shoes.

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