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It All Depends On What The Definition Of “Is” Is

March 31, 2011

Missouri patriots worked very hard to let the elected leadership know they were against the support of any form of Article V legislation. Town hall meetings and debates were held, and we thought we had made our wishes clear. On March 3rd, House Floor Leader, Representative, Tim Jones promised a very agitated, anti Article V Convention group of patriots and constituents, at the Franklin County Town Hall event, his Article V legislation (HJR9) would be tabled in this session.

So, now that it is clear, we don’t want any other Article V legislation …

On March 28, Jones, issued a statement, in his capitol report, that HCR19 (a call for an Article V convention) could be heard on the floor, for debate later in the week.

House Concurrent Resolution for Third Reading: TENTATIVE

HCR 19, sponsored by Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R-13), could be debated this week.  HCR 19 submits an official application by the State of Missouri for the calling of a convention for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution.

Is Republican leadership so intent on initiating an Article V Convention that they would do and end run around the people’s wishes and play games with the definitions of their promises? At the 4:27 mark on this video, Jones clearly explains how he controls the flow of legislation on the floor of the House. So, if he is in control of the legislative flow and he knows we don’t want an Article V convention, then why is he allowing debate on other forms of an Article V?

If not his legislation, will he will slip through someone else’s?

Why debate legislation that has no chance of passing or does not align with the people’s agenda? How much does it cost taxpayers to debate legislation that no one wants?


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