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Contact Your Legislators And Let Them Know How You Feel About The Con-Con

February 19, 2011

With the many divided opinions over various issues in the Missouri legislature this year, it is more critical than ever to be in contact with your elected representation and let them know how best to advocate for your best interests. Additionally it is most critical to communicate with freshman representatives since they are navigating the huge learning curve of the system. If you want the fresh influence of newly elected representatives to maintain a strong “people’s” voice in the established bureaucracy it is imperative to communicate your support and direction for their advocacy of your desires, this session.

Below is a listing of email addresses of the members of the Missouri House of Representatives. A simply copy and paste on these email addresses is all that is required for you to reach legislators on issues relating to, most recently, the fast tracked Constitutional Convention legislation. For those who choose to contact only their own individual legislator, you may go here to find that information.

If you want to recapture a culture of “a government of the people, by the people and for the people,” it’s up to you to take control of your government by reminding your representatives you support them in their advocacy of your choices.

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