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The Obama Administration And Walmart Team Up To Enhance National Security

December 17, 2010

Are they kidding? The Obama administration never ceases to amaze. Janet Napolitano has just teamed up with Walmart, yes, I said Walmart, to increase awareness on national security. I guess Janet thinks the patrons of Walmart are the pulse of national security and can, better than any other, team up with Homeland Security to spy on Americans to protect us against the strange, and dangerous.

Now, I am guessin’ that Janet has never received the famous Walmart emails that illustrate just what strange is.

Yep, when I think of someone I want looking out for my national security, I am thinking of the people of Walmart. I will sleep well tonight, knowing that the Walmart folks and the Obama administration have everything under control.

This guy is my favorite for Homeland Security Hero!


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