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Education Legislators, In Missouri, Ready To Get To Work

December 17, 2010

Today, Homeschooling United reported that the Associated press released a statement announcing the legislature is ready to unveil its plans for education in Missouri. With all the commotion relating to the funding, or not, that Race To The Top received across the nation, and with the fervor some of our legislators to chase that limited funding, perhaps this is a subject that needs monitoring by the voters. There has also been much talk of voucher programs in other states and Charter School band-aids to relieve the painful failure of public education. We will watch these issues and let you know how the Missouri legislature plans to put the interests of the children first (we hope). With the constraining regulation that floated around, last year, in Race To The Top and Common Core Standards issues, we hope that legislators will keep in mind that the voters really do not want their rights to choose appropriate educational venues for their children taken from them and placed in the hands of government.


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