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Sacrifice Is Only For The Little People

November 23, 2010

Well, apparently there is no end to what an educational union professional will justify when it comes to  sucking money from the system. American Federation of Teachers declares that we all must make some sacrifices to continue to fund the high standards and quality education provided in our nation’s public schools. But just who should make those sacrifices? Apparently only those who make under the $400,000 mark. Which would be just about everybody except Rhonda Weingarten. I guess the contributions of the rest of us who make to the process are less adequate. Read this story and guess if you can find any links between greed, corruption, and plain old dishonesty in the teacher’s union philosophy. Perhaps Leona Helmsley is channeling through Rhonda Weingarten if only to revive the elitist standard and to put the rest of us in our place. Remember folks, these union leaders/members and their “standards” are the same folks in classrooms with your children.

Oh, wait! Do you hear that great sucking sound? It is more money flying out of the taxpayer’s hands to fund even more educational bureaucracy.


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