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Flip Flopping Happens On Both Sides Of The Isle

October 25, 2010

During the last week of campaigning, I have heard more than one conservative candidate, locally and nationally, already start to flip-flop about what we can expect from them after election day.

This video, in the Huffington Post, exemplifies every modern-day politician from either party. It made me think that it was important to recognize, and put a fine point on the fact, that TeaParty and Independent voters are struggling with a rather unfortunate conundrum relating to choosing their representation during the midterm elections. And we don’t like being put in this position. While conservatives are expecting a good day on November 2nd, there is an expectation that victorious candidates will wake up and smell the coffee as it relates to “serving” the people instead of “serving” their own interests. Can we be sure that candidate loyalty, to their campaign promises, will satisfy our expectations after the blush fades from the rose of successful election results?

There is a general feeling among much of the voting constituency that they resent being forced to vote for the candidate forced upon them by a GOP, that threw its institutional support behind the institutional favorite, rather than the people’s choice. And yet, more than once I have heard sentiment expressed by voters, and candidates alike, that a vote for the (R) candidate is better that a vote for the other guy. As a matter of fact, in this political climate, when it is clear that Americans are really looking for Statesmen, I think it is a bit arrogant that a candidate would describe his race in such a way, but more are doing it than I can count. It’s almost as if they gloat about the fact that we still don’t have a choice, if we want to stop the Obama train wreck.

So what’s a conservative to do? Perhaps it is time to go RINO (Republican In Name Only) hunting after the elections, if we find our supported candidates have quickly forgotten what the words REPEAL and CONSERVATIVE mean, once they are comfortable and settled in their capital offices. Anyone who has listened, with half an ear to the ground, has heard Republican candidates already making excuses for the difficulties which lie ahead concerning the great undoing of the injustices done to the citizens and the Founding Constitutional Principals. Do they really need reminding that the Constitution does allow for such types of “reversal of fortunes” (REPEAL) when the representation works together, in numbers, to carry out the wishes of their constituencies? Americans have come together, in numbers, to send a message that we have had enough of good-ol-boy, business as usual politics. Maybe, after the election, we should send our newly elected representation Pocket Constitutions complete with the message that we intend to put “ballot” targets on their backs if they don’t follow it. Their terms won’t last forever, but conservative memories will be long enough to remember broken promises at the next election.

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