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Questions about the TeaParty, Big Government

October 14, 2010

While we are only a few weeks from election day, and so many are anticipating a large conservative victory, I think it is important to step back and make sure we are voting for the representation that gives us the results we are asking for. Do we unite with the GOP to put Republicans in office and hope for the best, or do we vote independently to send the message that we will not be ignored any longer? Can we take a chance that the Old Guard gives a flying fig about our disgust at government corruption? Perhaps at least we should question, if our votes do not give us the conservatives we are looking for to make the changes we desire, what comes next to bring about the larger leadership changes that TeaPartiers have been working to generate?

I certainly would be easier in my decisions if I knew there was a concrete plan in place by anyone, GOP or the TeaParty, to dismantle and remove any post-election renegades. I have an uneasy, sinking feeling in my stomach that some of the Old Guard Republican candidates will enjoy the favor of the TeaParty’s support and then go to Washington or the State Capitol and resume corruption as usual, with the knowledge that there isn’t a darned thing anybody can do about it.

Patrick Henry, in 1788, summed up the perils of relinquishing too much power to a corruptible representative government.

A willing relinquishment of power is one of those things which human nature was, nor ever will be capable of:

He also questioned, at that time, what recourse would freemen have against tyrannical leadership. If they are in power, what are ya gonna do to get ’em out? So, now in 2010 we face the same questions the founders debated in order to form a Constitution that allowed men (and women) to retain freedom, sovereignty and autonomy and still live under the rules of a unified nation.

We have a lot to consider in the November election. Do we take a chance on another Obama/Reid/Pelosi tyrannical rule, do we rebel against all corruption from a democratic republic gone dysfunctional, or do you support some Republicans which you feel less that warm and fuzzy? It sure would be nice if the GOP would give us some concrete, less vague, non sidestepping plans to turn things around. It would be even better if the TeaParty had a plan of attack for promises broken and lies told during the 2010 campaign season.

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  1. 4commonground permalink
    October 14, 2010 7:49 pm

    I agree, but in all fairness without a super-majority in both houses there is little they will be able to accomplish. They shouldn’t promise what they can’t deliver. That will just set them up for failure. However, they certainly need to be sketching out the blueprint for ’12. If they don’t start putting that forward right away, we need to look for new candidates who will.

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