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Who Is Behind Race To The Top?

October 6, 2010

Race to the Top and Common Core Standards, which have now been adopted by several states, may have a larger agenda behind them and are supported by some unlikely contributors. One has to wonder why or what motivates anyone in the larger community to want to promote such constrictive control over the educational system in this country. Peyton Wolcott outlines how “Billanthropy” has strings attached to it and how it may shape the future of our culture by shaping the future of our children’s education.

Missouri Education Watchdog has followed this issue from its beginning and is now reporting that it may not just be a problem for K-12 public schools.

We agree. The “Race to the Takeover” isn’t stopping when your children graduate from high school. Welcome to Obama’s educational power grab. This is confiscation of the right of private colleges to operate with limited governmental intrusion. Is he studying Chavez 101?

All of this points to a huge take over of the educational system, in our country. Why? Well, if you can control the flow of information being taught, you can pretty much control everything. It’s all about laying a foundation for the “future”.


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