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Union Protesters Try To Take Down Local Businesses

August 24, 2010

On August 19th, Bob McCarty Writes posted a story about a woman whose nail salon business was suffering, greatly, due to union opposition directed at the Dollar Tree Store which is also housed in the same strip mall in which her shop resided. I later heard, on the Dana Show – 97.1 FM talk radio, further details of the issue.

All of this inspired me to take a little trip to my local Dollar Tree Store, today, because for months union protesters have been posted at the entrances of my local strip mall as well, and I wondered if businesses in other parts of town were suffering.  As I strolled through the isles, I picked up some useful household items and school supplies for my kids, for a great price, and as I went to the check out, I asked the lady behind the counter if business had suffered due to the creeps standing guard at the entrances of the mall area. Her reply was surprising. She told me that she thought business had actually improved due to the attention, and at that time she asked me if I wanted to donate $1 to help the military.

The Dollar Tree Store at Highway N and Highway 40 takes donations which buy items to send to Scott Air Force Base. Seems some local samaritan has collaborated with Dollar Tree to support local military.

It is my understanding that Dana is organizing a mani-pedi day, or suggesting that folks patronize B-Nails on 9/1 and/or 9/8/2010 to help this entrepreneur keep her business afloat. I also suggest you support Dollar Tree and give a dollar to support the military on a regular basis. And don’t forget to honk and wave at those guys standing in the parking lots as you stroll into the store.


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