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Who Supports Educational Freedoms?

July 22, 2010

As the debate of RT3 goes on, one must wonder how long before educational freedom goes by the wayside just as your freedom to direct your own healthcare has been taken away, from you, with ObamaCare. Several candidates for various offices, in Missouri, have signed a pledge that states they will promise to vote against any legislations and mandates that require restrictions on educational freedoms. The pledge reads:

I, (insert candidate’s name here), hereby pledge, to the Missouri homeschool community, to support a parent’s right to freedom of educational choice for their children and their ability to exercise that right. In doing so, I also agree to oppose any federal, state or local mandates that impose regulation of educational standards, curriculum, testing, and/or regulation.

The following candidates and elected officials have signed, to date. I will keep you updated as the list grows.


Current office holders

James W. Lembke – State Senator, District 1
Jane Cunningham – Senator, District 7
Cynthia Davis – State Representative, District 19; Senate Candidate Dist 2
Allen Icet – State Representative, District 86; Candidate State Auditor
Brian Nieves – Sate Representative, District 98; Candidate State Senate, Dist 26
Chuck Purguson – State Senate, District 33; Candidate US Senate
Tim Jones – State Representative, Dist 88
Scott Rupp – State Senate, District 2
Joe Smith – State Rep, Dist 14; Candidate Recorder of Deeds, St. Charles County

Ed Emery – State Representative, District 126; Candidate State Senate


Dave Evans – Candidate State Representative District 19
Kurt Bahr – Candidate State Representative District 19
Kathie Conway – Candidate State Representative District 14
Cynthia L. McGee – Candidate State Representative, Dist 109
Gary B. Fuhr – Candidate State Representative District 97
Edward M. Crim – Candidate State Representative District 97
Curtis Farber – Candidate State Representative District 67
Richard Blowers – Candidate State Representative District 102
Jack Jackson – Candidate State Senate, District 26



Kristi Nichols – Candidate US Senate
Tony Laszacs – Candidate US Senate
Martin Baker – Candidate US Representative District 1
John Wayne Tucker – Candidate US Representative District 3


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