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Motives And Connecting More Dots …

March 2, 2010

So, now you have had a chance to read about Race To The Top. We all understand that it is another attempt by  big government to wrest control from the masses concerning educational choice and freedom. Let’s drill a little deeper and look at some motives that are driving this issue and connect some more dots….

It is a given that BIG money is attached to RTT. If your state adopts guidelines set by the government proposed RTT, they will shower your state with mega tax dollar$. As with the health care initiative, shouldn’t education also be protected by state sovereignty? The next question that comes to mind is how can anyone who supports state sovereignty in Missouri and endorse RTT? Is sovereignty for sale?

Senator, Scott Rupp – R 2nd district, has signed the Missouri Sovereignty Project pledge promising to uphold the Founding Fathers’ 10th Amendment. He has also introduced SB 976 which endorses the receipt of funds for RTT. So what are the priorities of your elected representatives, State Sovereignty or RTT mega money?

Perhaps further investigation into special interests and campaign contributions needs investigation. You might want to check back for upcoming committee and floor votes in both houses. It will be very difficult to ride the fence on this one. Officials are going to have to take a clear-cut stand on these issues and it is going to tell us a lot about true political character, motives and political alliances.


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