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More On RTTT

March 2, 2010

Read the MSNBC article on the site about RTTT. It clearly outlines how federal funds will be withheld from states who do not adopt the government’s national standards.  Also watch the Youtube video. Notice that Obama subtly inserts that collective bargaining with the teacher’s unions is a critical component in the success of academic improvement. That should tell you all everything you need to know about this program. I submit that it has nothing to do with improved graduation and academic achievement, but is just another way to funnel more money to teacher’s unions through glitzy and convoluted programs. More money is not the answer in education.

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  1. 4commonground permalink
    March 10, 2010 7:22 pm

    The more I think about this program, the more brilliant I think it is.

    We have been successful in thwarting previous top-down efforts to implement national standards, however, the federal government is now utilizing a bottom- up strategy to encourage districts to voluntarily cede local control to the national level under the auspices of a “state consortium” as outlined in the Race to the Top federal grant initiative. The “state consortium” is nothing other than national government in state’s clothing.

    Yep, just brilliant.

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